Make-up Finds: Wet n Wild Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipstick

Hey loveys!

I’m super excited about this post! I don’t really wear makeup Β (I’m not makeup guru) but I do enjoy wearing lipsticks and mascara. Needless to say i own quite a few lippies. A few may look like the same shade but they’re unique in their own way, says the lipstick hoarder.

I will say that I don’t go all out on lippies, I don’t own any high end lipsticks. All my lippies are from wet n wild, colour pop, and Revlon I own a bit other brands but nothing too luxurious. So I went to CVS to get Kason medicine because he had a really bad cough and during this trip I saw this new product from Wet N Wild and decided to give it a try.

I actually love their lipsticks, they do the job just fine and they are very affordable as well. I’m a bargain girl so trust me you will be seeing some very affordable reviews, from me.

So this time around I’ll be reviewing the Catsuit Matte Lipstick in the color “Rebel Rose”.


It’s a really pretty mauve pink, I personally love these kinda pinks because I feel like regular bright pinks don’t really go with my skin tone. But maybe I just haven’t found the right shade. It is very pigmented!


Since its a matte lipstick I decided to apply lip balm first because we all know how mattes are. When I first applied it, it went on very creamy, which I liked and then it did what a matte does it dried. But it didn’t feel heavy dry, I don’t know if I’m even making sense but I feel like some mattes just dry and you feel it. It feels like your lips are actually dry when they aren’t.

So I applied two coats and went on about my morning. I grabbed some coffee on my way to work and I was dreading to take a sip of it because i didn’t want to see that pretty little mark on my coffee cup. To my surprise there was no mark on my cup or on the piece of delicious pastry I had. Wwwoohhooo!! Before I clocked in i applied a coat of lip balm and that made it, very creamy again.

Through out the day i ate and drank and no stain no nothing. I applied more lip balm, but there was no need reapply the lipstick itself. It was still very pigmented like I had just applied it. Some mattes on me tend to really dry up my lips to the point that they look like they are peeling…not a good look. Maybe it was because I was applying lip balm here and there but with other even when I do that it still makes my lips flaky.


And let me just say that taking it off was a breeze! No need to scrub my lips off or anything like that.

I can honestly say that I love this lipstick and I want to get one other shade they had. I believe they have 4 other shades if I’m not mistaking.

I hope you enjoyed this little review, my first ever! Let me know if you have any other product you think I should try.

Hope you have an amazing day



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