A Weekend with Us: Family pictures, discovering the city, and etc.

I’m going to start this new series called “weekend behavior” or maybe a “weekend with us” (help me decide) but anyways where I share what me and the kids do during the weekend. I won’t promise every weekend because sometimes we just stay home in our pajamas and watch movies all day.

But this weekend was a pretty exciting one! We took family pictures on Saturday, which was awesome. The location we went to was perfect, it went with the whole vibe I was going for. Which was very casual and earthy.


The kids did great, they were a bit all over the place because it was a park so it was an open field full of fun for them. We got a few smiles and a few shots of them running away typical picture of ours.


Afterwards we went to the mall near by to grab a quick bite to eat and made some room for the Marry go round.


We then went home and got laundry out the way, you know because laundry is the best chore next to cleaning the kitchen (sarcasm)

On Sunday we originally didn’t have anything planned, but we ended up exploring Deep Ellum with the kids.

We had lunch at “easy sliders”, which was delicious we make it our mission to try new things every time we go out and this was definitely something new.

Their loaded taters were my favorite along with their banana pudding! The sliders were so tiny and cute, when she described them as crabby patties she was telling the truth.

We then took some pictures of the kids because Deep Elum has so many murals on the walls it’s crazy! And they have a lot of neat stores too!



We also visited Carlos Bakery!


After our family adventure we went home and took a much needed nap.

This weekend was one of my favorites for sure, so many pictures were taken and so many memories were made.

– sheislittlebutfierce


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