How I feel about Kason starting Pre-K..

 Kason is officially starting school this coming August! I will be a mommy to two kids in school how freaking cool is that?!?


With this new milestone approaching us i am having very mixed emotions. I’m excited but kind of scared not because I think he will be overwhelmed or that he will cry as I walk away..oh no he will love school and probably be that little kid who waves by to his parents. Like “see ya!”

I’m nervous because I know my child lol I know he likes to play and be himself. Kason is an awesome child don’t get me wrong. It’s just that he has a very energetic personality and he likes to make people laugh. He can be shy but once he is comfortable oh its on! As I’m typing this he is jumping and dancing to Moana while his sister just sits on the couch. Some people can handle his personality while others just sit and watch and probably think to themselves “looorrddd!” But that’s just who he is, he is a very happy, energetic, and all around kid.

He’s very smart for his age and likes to learn new things which comforts me in away. He knows his colors, shapes, and numbers. His dad bought him some mickey mouse cards with colors and shapes and he would sit with him for 30 mins a day going over and over the shapes and colors. Kason loved it, he would bring the cards and ask his daddy to ask him what color/shape was that. He also understands Spanish.

I’m sure he will be fine because again I know him it’s just the pre-k jitters setting in. We still have a few months to go and I have to tackle some of his little habits. Which include him having a bed time. He is a total night owl which is not good at all although he will be going to school in the afternoon I want him to get enough rest and hopefully his brother has an influence in some way. So far that hasn’t worked because Noah is out within minutes after laying down and Kason is still up wanting snacks.


We have some work to do I know that much. I will also be buying him and his brother some books so they can work on them during the summer! *saracasm* Wwoohhoo they’re going to love me!



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