My Netflix Picks

I love Netflix, it has become my best friend. I watch it while I cook, listen to it while I clean and I’m watching it as I’m typing this. I mean what is a girl to do since I have no cable. Yes you read that right! N O  C A B L E!!!

Let me explain something it’s not that I can’t afford it or don’t want it. I had cable at my old place but the only time I would watch it was on the weekends because I work 5 days a week from 7 am to 5 pm or sometimes 10 am to 7 pm. So when I moved to my new place I told myself no cable. You’re barely home so why spend money on something that’s not a necessity. I however chose to keep my Wi-Fi and continue using Netflix. And so far it has been working. I can monitor what the kids watch and they have their own little playlist of shows they enjoy. So therefor I have mine.

I think I am drawn to old shows that I once told my self I would never watch, which i have watched twice (yeah no shame). They also have some good telenovelas (soap operas)  like the oldies but goodies. Yeah I really enjoy binge watching them. And let’s not get into their documentaries and mini series! Have y’all seen “The day I met El Chapo” y’all when I say i stopped cooking for a good 10 mins and almost gave up on cooking, because I was so in to it I mean just that. Go watch it if you haven’t!

Anyways since I enjoy watching Netflix so much I figured why not share some of my favorite shows! Believe me when I say these are some of the most basic shows and you’ll probably be like “wth Miriam” but y’all i can’t help myself.

So my favorite all time show to watch on Netflix is…..


Greys Anatomy!

I had a few friends talk about this show before and I was always Like “sounds so boring” but ask me how many times I have watch this show! Uumm three times…starting today…yes I’m watching it again from season 1. Don’t judge! Seriously I’m hooked and I am watching the new season as well. I just love this show so much it has a little bit of everything like comedy, romance, and suspense for sure.


XOXO Gossip Girl….

Come on now Gossip Girl has to be like every girls freaking show. I loved all the drama and all the romance. I also have to mention how much I loved Blair’s outfits. Like that’s me if I had all the money if the world. It took me a few episodes to get in to it, but it won me over.

20171027_221845 AHS

Now I only love three seasons from AHS, which are the ones above. If I had to pick my favorite one it would be Hotel, why you ask….well because Lady Gaga hheelloo. The coven is my second favorite and last but not least Freak Show. I didn’t like last season and I haven’t watched this current season. AHS does it everytime it has something for everybody.


Jane the Virgin

This shows has won me over. I remember watching it when it first came out, but soon after airing I gave up on it. But I recently picked up where I left and it’s become one of my favorites. Kamilah sometimes sits through a few episodes because of Mateo. It kinda speaks to me because although it’s a show it touches on a few real parts of motherhood and its hilarious by the way! Jane the Virgin is a romantic comedy kind of show right up my alley, so if you like to laugh and ” aaeewwee” like 50 times in a row I would recommend this to you.



Oh the drama and suspense! I seriously love this show for that and also the freaking fashion. I am in love with Veronicas and Cheryls wardrobe. And Cheryl is just too fierce and I love it! I think that show is a for the younger people out there but hheeyy this 25 year old is still young at heart. Riverdale to me is like a mystery show so if you like mystery this is the one for you.


Stranger Things

Last but certainly no least..Stranger Things!! This is the first Netflix series that they released that I actually like. Orange is the New black was good but I did not like the second season. So I still haven’t watched the second season which was released yesterday but I will be starting it soon. If you like suspenful shows and mystery you should watch this show. The kids are incredible actors by the way.

I told y’all they were pretty generic nothing too out of the ordinary.

If you have any recommendations on what other shows I should watch let me know.



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