Kason’s Birthday Party! (Picture Edition)

Yes you read that right he is now four, oh where did time go. In all reality it feels like I have a teenager but nope he’s  only four. So we celebrated a bit late his birthday is June 29th and we were going to celebrate that following weekend but due to a death in the family it had to be postponed.

So we celebrated his birthday this past Saturday and it was amazing! We did have a few bumps but his grandma was able to pull everything together. It was a room full of close family and friends. Kason was so happy and so in the moment. His theme was power rangers which I am very surprised he picked because he is more of a super hero’s and minions kinda kid but hey it was his day.

I didn’t want to make you guys fall asleep with an hour to hour story so I thought I would share some pictures instead.



The candy table his aunt put together


Our little photo booth








He was over the moon with all the gifts he received. And I loved it!

It was a great day for all of us, now it’s time to plan Noah birthday party. Woohhooo!



How I feel about Kason starting Pre-K..

 Kason is officially starting school this coming August! I will be a mommy to two kids in school how freaking cool is that?!?


With this new milestone approaching us i am having very mixed emotions. I’m excited but kind of scared not because I think he will be overwhelmed or that he will cry as I walk away..oh no he will love school and probably be that little kid who waves by to his parents. Like “see ya!”

I’m nervous because I know my child lol I know he likes to play and be himself. Kason is an awesome child don’t get me wrong. It’s just that he has a very energetic personality and he likes to make people laugh. He can be shy but once he is comfortable oh its on! As I’m typing this he is jumping and dancing to Moana while his sister just sits on the couch. Some people can handle his personality while others just sit and watch and probably think to themselves “looorrddd!” But that’s just who he is, he is a very happy, energetic, and all around kid.

He’s very smart for his age and likes to learn new things which comforts me in away. He knows his colors, shapes, and numbers. His dad bought him some mickey mouse cards with colors and shapes and he would sit with him for 30 mins a day going over and over the shapes and colors. Kason loved it, he would bring the cards and ask his daddy to ask him what color/shape was that. He also understands Spanish.

I’m sure he will be fine because again I know him it’s just the pre-k jitters setting in. We still have a few months to go and I have to tackle some of his little habits. Which include him having a bed time. He is a total night owl which is not good at all although he will be going to school in the afternoon I want him to get enough rest and hopefully his brother has an influence in some way. So far that hasn’t worked because Noah is out within minutes after laying down and Kason is still up wanting snacks.


We have some work to do I know that much. I will also be buying him and his brother some books so they can work on them during the summer! *saracasm* Wwoohhoo they’re going to love me!


Converse, Fourth of July dress and etc

This weekend was pretty calm we didn’t do much. I went shopping with my mom Saturday and on Sunday we stayed in our pjs and we watched movies all day. So yeah it wasn’t much of an adventure this weekend.

And today is Monday…..So what better way than to start Monday of then with a mini haul!!! Wooohhhooo!

I still can’t get over her Adidas! They are so stinking cute

I have found Kamilah’s 4th of July dress! I know it’s a bit early but I couldn’t let this beauty of a dress go by. I think I’m going to pair her dress with the converse and a big red bow. I love the romper it’s loose and very light weight.

Super cute shirts for the boys! And they were on sale for 5 dollars each!

The boys needed some shorts that aren’t dressy so I got each a pair of the shorts on the left. Kason however needed some jean material shorts so I got him the ones on the right.

I added a new leotard to my collection and another romper that I really didn’t need. But hey you can never have too many rompers.

My mom got Kamilah a little purse from forever21 but I don’t know where she put it. It might be somewhere in her little toy box or in the car. But when I find it I’ll take some pictures of her with it.


But look at her cute outfit from Sunday. She looked so darn adorable!

– sheislittlebutfierce

A Weekend With Us: Mothers Day Weekend

Mothers day weekend was an overall very calm weekend. Nothing too exciting happened on Friday I was with my mom for most of the afternoon until I rembered I had to clean the apartment. When I made it to my apartment I watched Gossip Girl for the majority of time before I doze off and found myself waking up at 2 in the morning.

Saturday I woke up and started cleaning, I have found myself cleaning just for the heck of it lately. I finished by around 1 in the afternoon it took me a while becauae I was taking breaks lol. Anyways i then made my way to mom’s house to wash and spend some more time with her. Oh I took some awesome pictures of Kamilah.

I mean the girl has style right?! She loves her denim jacket, which I still haven’t decorated.

Sunday, started off slow I kinda slept in. We ate  breakfast and then we went out to wait for it….Ripleys believe it or not! Yes we went there for mothers day. I thought it would be a fun experience for the kids and boy was I wrong.

The boys were terrified lol they wanted out by the second room we visited. They were okay after we entered the kid friendly area. So take my advice don’t take your 8 or 3 year old thinking they will be excited to see a one face two bodied goat because nine times out of ten they won’t. I thought it was cool, but maybe that’s the weird in me after all we went to weirdest place for Mothers Day.

Come on they had a vampire killing kit and a Katy Perry picture what more can you ask for. We then went to El Chicos which was crazy because Kamilah wanted to be all over the place. The food was good I will admit.

When we made it home we decided to take the kids to the pool and that’s basically where my mothers day ends. The kids had fun at the pool, Kamilah was having the time of her life.

It was nice weekend but maybe next mothers day we’ll be a little more organized, because all of our activities were out of the blue.

I hope all you mom’s out there had an amazing weekend!


A Weekend with Us: Family pictures, discovering the city, and etc.

I’m going to start this new series called “weekend behavior” or maybe a “weekend with us” (help me decide) but anyways where I share what me and the kids do during the weekend. I won’t promise every weekend because sometimes we just stay home in our pajamas and watch movies all day.

But this weekend was a pretty exciting one! We took family pictures on Saturday, which was awesome. The location we went to was perfect, it went with the whole vibe I was going for. Which was very casual and earthy.


The kids did great, they were a bit all over the place because it was a park so it was an open field full of fun for them. We got a few smiles and a few shots of them running away typical picture of ours.


Afterwards we went to the mall near by to grab a quick bite to eat and made some room for the Marry go round.


We then went home and got laundry out the way, you know because laundry is the best chore next to cleaning the kitchen (sarcasm)

On Sunday we originally didn’t have anything planned, but we ended up exploring Deep Ellum with the kids.

We had lunch at “easy sliders”, which was delicious we make it our mission to try new things every time we go out and this was definitely something new.

Their loaded taters were my favorite along with their banana pudding! The sliders were so tiny and cute, when she described them as crabby patties she was telling the truth.

We then took some pictures of the kids because Deep Elum has so many murals on the walls it’s crazy! And they have a lot of neat stores too!



We also visited Carlos Bakery!


After our family adventure we went home and took a much needed nap.

This weekend was one of my favorites for sure, so many pictures were taken and so many memories were made.

– sheislittlebutfierce

Leotards, Jeans and etc.

Hello loveys!!!

I hope you all had an amazing weekend, mine was a lazy one not too much was done. I was however able to pick a few things that I may or may not have needed, depends on how you look at it (insert nervous face here) I didn’t do that bad y’all, i got some stuff on sale and two items were bought at TJ Max well there was actually three but I used the pot and it’s in the dishwasher right now.


I said I would never but I did..i bought my first leotard. I have seen so many people wearing this and I just love how you can dress them up or down. It looks a bit lighter in pictures but it’s a teal color. Really pretty and perfect for this time of year!


I’ve been on the hunt for black jeans and I have found some! This is the first pair of black jeans that I own. Yes I know where have I been right? This have slits all the way to the ankle. Can’t pass up ripped jeans.20170430_234753

You can’t really tell but they are there I promise.


Simple and cute just the way I like them!


The top chocker was actually a gift but it was too cute not to post and the bottom chocker I bought at walmart for two bucks!!!


Okay so i have a great reason as to why I got these coloring pencils. I have a coloring book that has psalms bible verses and I needed colors.


My favorite! Aaaahhh!!! I cannot begin to explain how I happy I am with this find! Do y’all know how many ootds I have not shown because my little mirror in my room cuts my face off, but not anymore! I don’t know where I am putting it yet but for now it’s near the front door where the light is perfect, but i may be moving it to the living room where natural light comes in. Not sure yet.

These were all my finds for this weekend, next week’s blog will most likely be all about our family pictures! Can’t wait to show you guys!!!

Hope you all have and amazing day..

– sheislittlebutfierce

JustFab Shoes!

I come bearing gifts! I saw a sale that I could not pass up for the life of me. I’m pretty sure y’all have heard of JustFab so I won’t go into details, but if you don’t you can check out their website and it explains it there. So anyways they had a sale and all the website was 50% off..lets pull out our handy dandy calculator so 50% off $39.99 comes out to be…. $19.99! To me that’s a freaking steal and you get free shipping if you spend  $39 and up. So I got 3 pairs 2 for me and 1 for my mom.

I didn’t get to take a picture of my mom’s because she put them up after she tried them on and I kinda forgot because I was in shoe land with mine lol. This is my second time ordering from JustFab and I must I saw that I love the first shoes I got from them. The shipping is awesome this time around it took a while longer because I’m guessing they made it a lot of sales, which is understandable.

Here’s pair number 1



Aren’t they gorgeous!!!

 I got mine in the color fuschia but they carry them in black and taupe I believe (don’t quote me on that) I tried them on and walked around my apartment in them for a while and they are super comfortable. The heel is chunky so it makes better to walk in. The strap helps as well since its a thick and not skinny like the ones I wore for my mom’s wedding which I only wore for about an hour because my feet were killing me. The color is actually a bit darker in person but still very pretty.


Second pair



They look kinda confusing lol but they are very pretty and comfortable as well. I got them im the color cognac and if you were to ask me to describe the color i would said its like a rusty brown, thays honeslty the best description i can give. The heel again helps since it’s chunky and since they aren’t very high that helps as well. You have to be patient with these because of the laces you have to loosen them up when your putting them on and once you have them on you have to tighten them up. Becareful not to make them too tight because I did that and it left a mark on my foot.


Okay so don’t judge me but this is the best picture I could get 😣 my son wasn’t around to help me take a better picture, but as you can see they look very pretty on. The color on this picture is actually the color they are on the first picture they look kinda dark but they are this color.

I am beyond happy with my order and so happy I can actually wear them out and dress them up or down.

I hope you all have a wonderful day