Mammas Fall Picnic & Little Announcement

This past weekend was one to remember.

Saturday we didn’t do much we hung out at the house because babe decided to surprise us early in the morning. And we just wanted to spend some time with him even tough he slept most of the day because his trip back home was a long one. Him being there was enough the kids were happy so was i.

Then Sunday rolled. You see about a week or two ago a friend of mine put together a picnic. The guest would be moms and their kids from around the areat. The plan was to bring food, snacks and drinks. To hang out and let the kids play and most importantly get to know each other. To say i was nervous is understatement i was nervous wreck.

Missing a few mom’s, some had to leave early and this picture was taken towards the very end

I was nervous for no reason at all. The moms were so nice and welcoming. After we introduced ourselfves we just kinda starting talking to each other. It was not awkward  what so ever.

We continued to talk and talk, we ate some very delicious pizza and desserts. The kids were having blast! They were running wild, playing tag and being kids. Kason came to me at one point and said “I’m having so much fun mommy!” Brit did an amazing job picking out the location the playground was steps away from us easing our natural mother instinct to freak out when we lost our kid in the crowd of other little kids.

One of the moms is a photographer and she also has a blog which I will share down below. She was nice enough to take pictures of the kids and their mini little pumpkin patch.



She did such amazing job.


One of the things I loved about the get together was not only did i get to meet new moms I got to witness women coming together. Even though most of us knew eachother through instagram it seemed like we all clicked.  I had a great time meeting these ladies and their kids. We are planning to get together again next month. And hopefully friendships grow from our little get togethers.

Before I wrap this up I want to share a hilarious picture of Kamilah…please don’t mind her lol she is something else


And I also wanted to say

Thank You! has reached 100 followers!!! I know the numbers don’t mean anything just as long as I’m doing what I love but this is big to me. So thank you so much for making my day!


MaryaFernanada’s blog


There’s a reason

When I first started this blog my intention was to solely focus on motherhood which is what I know and something that holds a big chunk of my heart. But with time that has changed a bit.’

I’ve been reading a book called Craving Connection by (in)courage community (this is spiritual book by the way)  so far I have read two chapters but they have opened up and validated a lot of stuff that I have been feeling.

The first two chapters talk about the fear that us as humans have to try new things because we fear failure. But what we need to realize is that we grow through things that may ask us to step out of the box here and there. We love our comfort zone and settle for it. And sometimes we miss the door that He himself has set up specially for us. I see a lot of successful blogs who are know to speak about one topic and hey more power to them if it works for them. As long as they are happy then hey. That’s not me though I love to talk about different things.

So when it comes to blogging my biggest fear is what people might say or think..eerr rejection if you will. Which has kind of made me stick to my home…mommy life. But as you guys see I rarely post because to be completely honest sometimes I don’t feel like talking about motherhood.

I say all this to get to this.. I want my blog to be more than just a mom blog I want it to reflect who I am not just when I’m in a mommy mode but me as an individual. Yes my kids play a B I G role in my story but theres more to me. And honestly sometimes I just want to go on random rants but feel like it wont go with my T H E M E. Which honestly isn’t a theme at all just saying. Sometimes the thought of me posting something not mom related or kid related scares the crap out of me.

So from here on out I will be talking about what I want…yes I will still share my experience as a mother because that’s the biggest role I play but I will also be sharing the spotlight with the other roles as well. I will just be adding a few things into the mix just adding a little bit of sass to the sauce you know?!

I created this blog for me and I want it to be place where I can be M E

Since I started reading this book I want to write about the chapters that speak to me the most, so be on the look out for those. I will try to get on a schedule but I wont promise anything lets just go with the flow for now.

Baby steps y’all baby steps…